Adopting sustainability standards: how do businesses benefit? (webinar)


发表 2023年5月1日.


Sustainability standards continue to be one of the most important tools to support businesses across the value chain in delivering on core sustainability issues – but how are they good for business? To explore this question, we will delve into findings from the ISEAL commissioned AidEnvironment report: a meta-review on the business benefits of adopting sustainability standards. Following up a similar study from 2017, the report reviews 40 studies from the last six years covering agriculture, fisheries, forestry, mining, biomass, tourism and carbon. We will be joined by the lead author, Jan Willelm Molenaar, along with expert voices from the private sector. Speakers: Jan Willem Molenaar | Senior Consultant | Aidenenvironment; Rita Mendez | Associate Manager, Impacts | ISEAL; Froukje Kruijssen | Senior Coordinator Social Standards | Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC); Bilge Daldeniz | Associate Director | Proforest; Julia Shaad | Environment Food Specialist | Migros