From scarcity to security: building resilient water systems (webinar)


发表 2023年7月1日. 作者: Evidensia and CDP


Water scarcity and quality have emerged as critical global challenges, prompting companies to intensify their efforts towards water sustainability. This Evidensia learning event, delivered in partnership with CDP, will focus on the findings from their Global Water Report. We will explore some key questions based on the report: How can businesses effectively identify and manage these risks? What are the opportunities for collective action and partnerships to drive meaningful change? How can companies effectively communicate their water management strategies to attract responsible investors and enhance financial performance? How can policymakers, businesses and standards systems work together to create an enabling environment for sustainable water practices? Speakers: Miriam Denis Le Seve | Senior Analyst, Water Security | CDP, Christine Carey | Chief System Integrity Officer | Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), Tyler Farrow | Standards Manager | AWS, Marta Ceadel | Water and Sustainability Consultant | Danone.